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McArthur Jackson founded the Holiness Outreach Ministry in June of 1996.

Bishop Jackson was a member of the First Tabernacle Church where he grew under the pastoral guidance of Pastor Cole.  There Bishop Jackson became a member of the church and developed to become a deacon.  He married Millie Louise Jackson and after five years of thoroughly being trained in the way of holiness, Bishop Jackson was led to establish the Holiness Tabernacle Outreach Ministry.

Holiness Outreach Ministry was set up on the foundation of holiness, love, and a burden for souls who were struggling with addictions that only the power of God could destroy.

Under Bishop Jackson's leadership through the power of God, the church has grown from a membership of about twenty-five to over one hundred members and counting.

Pastor Jackson was ordained as Bishop on May 5, 2002.  As the Lord continues to lead him and take him to higher places, your prayers for the leader, ministry, and the people of God to be shown the way to a closer relationship with the Lord are much treasured.

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